True to you.

We live in an increasingly complex world. Push notifications, news streams and endless information channels feed us with hundreds of images, videos and stories every day. It is time to let more honesty, more authenticity and more veracity back into our world and into our everyday life. True is a fragrance symbolising a masculine, positive aura of mindfulness, sincerity, reliability and strength. A perfume as clear, genuine and unambiguous as our deepest inner being. It combines fresh citrus notes with woody chords. A floral statement brings transparency and subtlety to the scent, yielding a captivating interplay that exudes power and clarity. A fragrance with nothing to hide that invites you to look deep into its very soul.

  • Top note
    • pineapple, lemon, bergamot
  • Heart note
    • violet, iris, moss
  • Base note
    • musk, cedar, vetiver

With a fragrance you not only arouse emotions in the people around you, but also in yourself, because every scent has its own effect on the psyche.
The scent of citrus fruits, for example, has an inspiring and refreshing effect. Combined with woody chords, the effect is a very masculine one.

The heart note forms the fragrance body. With violet, iris and moss, this composition has a very calming but strong effect on ourselves.
We concentrate more on our inner self.

With musk in the base, the effect is erotic, relaxing and promotes concentration. Musk extracts create a feeling of warmth and security
for people on the one hand, but also a deep sensuality on the other.


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To be at peace with oneself, to be satisfied - that is probably the most
underestimated state of mind. Because satisfaction is the basis for
being happy! But how do we manage to find ourselves again in this
stimulus-flooded world? Here are 5 tips:

one. every evening we should reflect on the day and highlight three things that
have made us happy. With this positive feeling we strengthen our
inner attitude and influence our thoughts.

two. we think about people who are especially important to us and ask
ourselves whether we have shown them this appreciation today.
No? Time to set priorities.

three. we ask ourselves what superpower we carry within us and are proud of it.

four. the smartphone is allowed to sleep in another room overnight.
We cannot find ourselves if we look at our mobile phone every two minutes.

five. we think about whether we have been honest with ourselves during the day or
whether we have pretended to be for others. And we decide to pay more attention
to our inner instincts the next day.


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