The name says it all. TONI ICONIC has an iconic effect, a magical
power of attraction. It is able to highlight what makes its wearer
special – her essence, her aura. 

As with TONI, Ambroxan is at the centre of the olfactory experience
with TONI ICONIC, albeit in a higher concentration. Depth and warmth
awaken the aromas of cedar wood, musk and amber. Flowery and
fruity notes were purposely not used. Created on a molecular basis,
this intense perfume concentrates on essential things. 

It is the essence, the tiniest entity, that gives TONI ICONIC its
magical allure. Simply iconic. 



TONI ICONIC was developed at the molecular level. Why?
Because molecular fragrances are extraordinary and modern.
They defy the strict regulations of classic perfume creation,
and in designing them, they omit the base, heart and top
notes. The fragrance phases develop parallel to one another.
The result is that the fragrance is a free spirit which lends
its magic to its wearer upon the very first touch –
directly upon being sprayed, with no delay at all. 

In that exact moment, its aromas and molecules join together
with the warm skin, and the fragrance’s own unique beauty
is set free for the very first time.
Because with TONI ICONIC, no one else will smell like you;
your new signature fragrance is born. Authentic, convincingly
real and free of conventions.

(40 ML)
(90 ML)
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We confirm that our products of
TONI GARD are not and have not been tested on animals, nor will such tests be carried out in the future according to Article 18 of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.