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TONI is different.

Free and unconventional, with TONI every woman is radiant in her own extraordinary way. TONI is not a trend follower, sending instead a new signal. The newest scent from TONI GARD leaves the strict principles of traditional fragrance craft, dictating a top, heart and base note, in the past. Its linear, parallel composition unfolds immediately and evenly to underline its accomplice’s aura – every TONI woman carries an utterly unique scent. A TONI woman has an innate sense of her self and fully embodies her own headstrong nature. She follows convention only so far as it suits her plans, preferring to trust in her own individual sense of style than in “fast-fashion” trends. Confident, distinctive, extraordinary. TONI heightens her individuality via its truly unique scent. Utterly, absolutely unmistakable.

Molecular design

The TONI fragrance was developed at a molecular level. “My aim was to compose a minimalist perfume, which is why I threw the rules of perfumery out the window,” comments scent designer Sidonie Lancesseur. Instead, she placed the Ambroxan molecule at the fragrance’s centre. “It gives the scent a modern character and an almost magical radiance.” In TONI, the elegant, synthetic essence of the scent is allowed to unfold its full splendour and intensity. The isolated Ambroxan aroma molecule is augmented through notes of cedarwood, musk and amber. Sidonie Lancesseur explains: “The scent doesn’t develop in the classical manner; it’s effect is immediate.” It was created through an interplay of exceptional raw materials – entirely without flowers.

You are TONI!

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